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  • Off Grid
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Avalen Farm

When Tom and I first laid eyes on Avalen Farm we absolutely fell in love. The farm was previously owned by an elderly couple who loved animals and birds, there were many animal and bird houses dotted around the farm. It was clear that the 8 acres of land had been left to nature for that last few years, everything very overgrown and already re-wilded, an absolute haven for wildlife.

The fishing lake is the icing on the cake, not only is it a stunning backdrop to the camping and glamping field but fishing is a wonderful pastime, enjoyed by many. We have enlisted the help of Bruno Broughton who is a fishery management consultant to educate us on the running of a fishery alongside the camping and glamping.

Green Tourism

It’s all about the GREEN journey, as well as the destination.

Our aim is to achieve a silver Green Tourism award within 2 years, we are working alongside Green Tourism to create a sustainable business from the ground up.

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Our dream is to create a sustainable fishing, camping and glamping site where people can appreciate nature and wildlife and enjoy the space around them to enhance their well-being.

We hope to encourage and give a home to more wildlife species here at Avalen Farm.

We have an action plan in place.


Our Green Commitments

  • A large proportion of Avalen Farm will be maintained as a nature reserve
  • Avalen Farm already has lots of lovely trees but we would like to dedicate 1 acre to planting more trees
  • Alongside our trees we would like to create a wildflower meadow for butterflies and insects to enjoy
  • We will install compost toilets around the site
  • We will only use biodegradable cleaning products
  • We will encourage our visitors to use biodegradable products
  • We will support the local community by offering reduced prices for locals and offering the land for local schools and forest schools
  • We will offer an incentive for anyone who arrives on foot, bike or public transport
  • Aerated shower heads will be installed to help with the reduction of water usage
  • We will carry out regular surveys of the wildlife here at Avalen Farm, we’re hoping to increase the diversity by:
    • Planting native trees and shrubs
    • Seeding insect friendly plants
    • Installing insect, bird and bat boxes
    • Putting up feeding stations for the birds
    • Building habitat piles to create a refuge and hunting ground for small mamals and reptiles etc.
    • Creating shallow small ponds to attract frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies, damsel flies etc.
  • Our aim is to Inspire people to love our countryside and wildlife and enjoy some time in nature